Why APIs change everything

Ant Stanley talked about everything being an HTTPS interface in his post recently


Along with all of this came various services. First off were tools like SOAP and WSDL which were horrible. But we figured out how to avoid the mess pretty quickly and built services based upon APIs.

Mobile won

Then along came mobile, and we had to deal with lower bandwidth interfaces again, just like we had before the wide rollout of broadband in the early 2000s.


The idea of services and APIs has been driven by Amazon Web Services as well. I’ve been a user pretty much since AWS only had 1 or 2 EC2 instance types.

Why I do services

So I do services because they are the simplest way to build scalable solutions on cloud that work for multiple client types.

APIs separate out concerns

One of the biggest reasons I like APIs as a concept is that it separates out concerns and produces an easy way to separate a client from a server.

Types of service

A quick comment about microservices and REST and other things. It’s all fine if you want to go down that route, but please bear in mind they are only tools. They are not religious scripture that must be followed verbatim or you’re going to end up in a fiery technical hell.


I do Serverless because I am very comfortable with building prototype APIs and building from there.

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