Serverless and Microservices: a match made in heaven?

When the first tutorials started to come out using AWS Lambda and API Gateway, back in 2015, it was unsurprising to find that they focussed largely on replicating the microservice. However, it became increasingly clear to those that used AWS Lambda at scale and over time that there were significant limits to the microservices approach with AWS Lambda… at least there were limits as to how most people thought that microservices should be built.

Let’s talk about the “why” of microservices

Microservices exist primarily because of frustration with monolithic applications. A monolith is simply an application where all the logic is put into the same logical codebase.

Moving to serverless

So when the first serverless applications started to get built on AWS, the initial approach was “let’s build microservices”…

Serverless, events and triggers

Serverless systems are inherently event driven systems and therefore are event driven architectures. This changes how you approach their development, their management and their architecture.

The path from microservices to serverless

So what is the path from microservices to serverless? Is there a straight forward way to learn the basics to make it easier to transition from one to the other, since microservices are so pervasive?

What we need from you

I think the community is actually very open to helping people learn and grow in building serverless solutions.

  • Where are the holes?
  • What tutorials are missing?

ServerlessDays CoFounder (Jeff), ex AWS Serverless Snr DA, experienced CTO/Interim, Startups, Entrepreneur, Techie, Geek and Christian

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