Schedule Announcement Serverless Days London

It’s with great delight that we announce the schedule for Serverless Days London 2018

This conference is the follow up to the JeffConf London 2017 conference last year, which was intended to be a one off, but has since led to conferences around the world. The London conference is in the same amazing venue as last year in St Johns Church in Hoxton, and we’re looking forward to around double the attendance of last year’s conference.

We have two amazing keynotes:

Erica Windisch of IOPipe talking about serverless monitoring and observability


Sarah Drasner of Microsoft talking about Serverless functions and vue.js.




We also have talks from the BBC, IBM, Digital Ocean, Expedia, DAZN and many others covering all the major serverless vendors and much much more including time for open spaces at lunchtime and some amazing sponsors too.

Tickets are still available although we don’t know for how long for given the amazing line up we have.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

*Diversity Klaxon*

Diversity tickets are available. Diversity tickets are free places paid for by people in the community (who are AWESOME by the way).

If you or someone you know are from an underrepresented group* in technology, then they may be able to come for free. It’s simple to apply here: and all the details are on the website.

*An underrepresented group may include women, LGBTQ+, POC, those with a specific religious viewpoint, those with disabilities (visible and invisible) so you may be in an underrepresented group even if you are a straight white male. Diversity is not a simple label, and we aim to consider each person’s request for a free diversity place at ServerlessDays London carefully and respectfully.

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