Opinion: Let’s Have No Guns At Tech Conferences #NoGunsInTech

The United States is The Bad Place

Between January 1st 2022 and May 25th 2022 there have been 213 mass shootings in the United States (source Gun Violence Archive stats and Gun Violence Archive map).

Screenshot of Gun Violence Archive from May 26th 2022
Gun Violence Archive screenshot May 26th 2022

So what has this got to do with tech conferences?

The tech industry largely centres around the United States. The biggest tech companies are based in San Francisco and Seattle, whether we like to tell ourselves that we are a distributed industry, we are still drawn to these two cities from around the world and a few other locations for conferences on a regular basis.

Proposal: #NoGunsInTech in all tech conference Codes of Conduct

As an international visitor to the United States, I have rarely felt worried about gun violence.

Tech will not save us

As with many major issues in the world, such has Climate Change and Covid, the tech world often thinks that “tech” is the solution.

Move your conferences

If you can’t do the above, because it is too political, maybe then you should move your conferences.



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Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston


ServerlessDays CoFounder (Jeff), ex AWS Serverless Snr DA, experienced CTO/Interim, Startups, Entrepreneur, Techie, Geek and Christian