New Year, New Serverless (2018 Style)

Every year all the cool technologies try to tell you that they will be the ones that you will be using more and more this year.

And as far as predicting the future goes, I’m pretty confident that the Serverless revolution is going to go from strength to strength this year, with AWS Serverless offerings being at the forefront of that charge.

And I’ve got a load of ideas about how to help this community grow and thrive.

I’ve got lots of ideas of blog posts around the technologies that have already been announced (and some that haven’t).

I’ve got lots of ideas for content that we could create for different markets.

I could spend a lot of time on forums and slack channels helping people with their Serverless issues.

I could go and give some amazing talks (and some ordinary ones too I’m sure) at some great conferences to bring you new ideas.

But the really interesting thing is what do you want?

It’s all about you

My new job is actually about what you people out there really need and the more that I can produce that, the better for everyone.

I’m here to both point you in the direction of content we’ve already produced (e.g., and also to produce new content when you need it.

But I’m also here to help this community to build and grow and develop so that we can all benefit.

So… what content do you want to see in 2018?

Some suggestions…

Not an exhaustive list or even necessarily things you’re asking for, but please comment, so that I know what you’re after.

Maybe you want to see something specific about a certain technology?

Please say so.

I can’t produce content if we don’t know you want it.

Looking forward to a great 2018.


I currently work for AWS as a Senior Developer Advocate for Serverless based in the UK and working in EMEA.

Opinions expressed in this blog are mine and may or may not reflect the opinions of my employer.

Written by

ServerlessDays CoFounder (Jeff), ex AWS Serverless Snr DA, experienced CTO/Interim, Startups, Entrepreneur, Techie, Geek and Christian

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