How to stop being profiled by twitter

The start of my list of automatically generated “interests” on Twitter
  1. Open up Developer Tools in your browser (Firefox “Web Developer Tools” or Chrome “Developer Tools”) and then go to the javascript “Console” (usually the second tab in the pane)
  2. Copy and paste the code above into the javascript console and then run it (press enter or run, depending on how you’re setup)
  3. Watch the console messages, and if you see error messages saying that the Twitter API is sending errors, then refresh the page, and go back to step 3. This should have unchecked some of your interests already and then start further down the list. You may have to do this more than once.
  4. All done! You now have unchecked all your twitter interests. If you wish, you could check the ones you want to tell twitter you are interested in, or just leave it.
  5. Come back whenever you want, and run this script again (assuming twitter don’t change the interface so that it fails — if so, the code is right there and very simple so update it yourself and comment below).



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Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston


ServerlessDays CoFounder (Jeff), ex AWS Serverless Snr DA, experienced CTO/Interim, Startups, Entrepreneur, Techie, Geek and Christian